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Experts in all types of screen printing

Established for over 5 years in the Devon & Exeter area, The Hand Bench Screen Print are offering our expertise and incredible screen printing services, working for a wide variety of customers on a range of different jobs, from letterheads to wedding invitations.


We can even offer a fully bespoke design printing service for those customers that want a truly individual design, you just tell us what you need done and we can discuss with you when and how we'll work for you, all competitively priced with a free consultation.

A specialist screen printing service

We are specialists in gold foil blocking for the front of diaries, letterheads and wedding invitations, but we are also experts in several other types of screen printing.


To ensure maximum quality for all our customers The Hand Bench Screen Print only use specialised inks, providing the best quality screen printing possible on all jobs we do. Get in touch with us today to try our recommended exceptional service, and get that fantastic finished product for whatever you need.

Our Screen Printing:

•  Printing on metal, wood & plastics

•  Stickers

•  Estate agents' boards

•  Gold foil blocking

•  Printing onto large metal boxes such as stereo amplifiers

•  Outdoor printing ink, weather-proof to make sure your design lasts.

•  Members of the FSB

To get exceptional screen printing no matter your need, call us on:

01392 424 141